YaY SaturdaY!

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Who’s this rabbling idiot?!?1

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Vast and deep the space is. And it surely can get lonely out here, drifting through asteroids i mean wrecks caused by lasers autocannons.

Name’s Alex. Sure you can call me V0x2 but what reason could you have for calling me a name that isn’t actually a name, but a series of letters and …erm…yes! numbers! Bloody math.

Occupation…well yes, I am a pee wee pee er. Officially, because off the record friends know me as an unpredictable, Barrage firing, Quafe addict, rustbar flying twat. But hey, don’t hate me coz’ I’m pretty!

And to end this fail first entry in style, my cat’s name’s Thomas and he sleeps a lot. Mainly in cozy places.