And the Lord said ‘Let there be poastage’..

And lo and behold, there was poastage. And the many many readers of this blog rejoiced, by not leaving any comments in them. Them posts that is. And are.

Yes yes this week I failed horribly by promising a new post on Thursday (if I remember correctly) and there was none to be read. So as a ‘I’m sowwy will never happen again I’ll buy cake’ token, no YaY SaturdaY! comics for today and real serious rabbles instead.

*Looks at hand* wait…3 days until Apocrypha hits (and yes I spelled it right!). No reason for me to go into specialized reviews and reports from Sisi, mainly because of these 2 big juicy reasons:

1. I never got on Sisi to test Apocrypha. Why? Couldn’t be arsed to fuck up my EvE client, I want to be surprised by it when it hits Tranquility, Couldn’t be arsed to download 1.4 GB of content….pick your favourite one.

2. There are lots of serious dedicated full of win blogs out there that already covered every aspect of this expansion. What could I add? That it will hit Tranquility on March 10th? Hehe..

So yea, March 10th will be the day most of us will have to face RL after oh so many months, go out (GAH!!!) and do some shopping and in general attend to the needs of the bunker. Many months of fun will follow, shooting wormholes while travelling throu….wait…shooting sleeping wormholes while…*CENSORED*…shooting SLEEPERS while travelling through WORMHOLEZ. S. Epicness is to be expected.

On a side note, I have found a nice little blog drifting through the interwebs pipes that contains much epicness. The most recent epicness-speciemen is this lil’ poem…po-em…poe-m? right here. After you are done, go read the entire blog!*

*Ok that blog is fairly old and quite awesome compared to mine. It even has comments. …Well ok it’s damm sexy,my ego needed a stroke though..='( I’ll give him some cake…

~ by flyingducktape on March 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “And the Lord said ‘Let there be poastage’..”

  1. Yea comments. We all want ’em. We all need ’em. How the hell do we get ’em?!?!

    Oh…Wait a minute. You tricked me!!!

  2. I am known as the Trickster, the trickererer making tricks 😀

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