Once upon a time there lived a big camp…

One lovely Friday evening Alex V0x2 was running missions in her lovely Rapier in the enchanting system of EF-F36. It was a boring evening, with only a few buttons being pressed throughout the entire 4 hour timeframe. Click on agent – talk – ”gief mission plskthnx” – undock – warp to mission spot – release drones – recall drones- dock – talk to agent – ”i be done gief reward”. This was especially boring seing that those were level one missions. Yeh I know =-> .

Nothing seemed to interrupt this boring process of boredom. Well something did…the explosion of her ship.

People seemed to be nervous that evening, yelling in intel channels and throwing with deadly X’es left and right. But not one second did Alex think about the possibility of hostiles coming her way. After all, who would have any dealings with a poor PvPer trying to make a buc..an isk??

The game of docking – talking to the agent – undocking was hypnotising. So when she undocked and saw that sea of red outside the station, her first thought was ‘I hate my life’.  Emorage soon followed. . .

In other news Mr. Thomas can’t stop from laughing with tears.  We’ll see who’s laughing in the morning when his food bowl will be empty. Har Har Har.


~ by flyingducktape on February 13, 2009.

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