Pew pew, thirst and other things of interest

Ohai. Wow, third entry already. This blog has survived more than all my other attempts at interweb writing so far. Hooray \o/

Now to get to more serious topics. The EVE-wires are hot these days talking about the epic victory Pandemic Legion obtained in their fight against ..R.U.R. That took some moments of thinking, not because R.U.R’s name is too difficult to remember (well it is for me 😀 ) but because PL simply amazed. True story: after the match every sentence I spoke was about the fight and ended in ”epic on many many levels”. Unfortunately the video of the pewpewage™ isn’t up on youtube yet, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It was epic. On many levels.

Another thing of interest was the beverage I had while watching the epic-on-many-levels match. The picture says it all and further info on the qualities of such a beverage while watching internet spaceships go pew will be detailed in an upcoming Soon™ blog.

Many thanks go to Tournament Cat and Guest Cat, without whom the Tournament wouldn’t have been so epic-on-many-many-levels. Thank you for your meows!


~ by flyingducktape on February 9, 2009.

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